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18 Feb

Adventures and Japes


Metro xpress used to be cool.

Here is a translation of their front page article “The children of immigrants becoming more criminal”

Problems with gang criminality, break ins and violence is massive amongst the descendants of immigrants. The number of male second generation immigrants from non-western countries who have been prosecuted for criminality has a big increase since 2007, where 1028 descendants have been prosecuted for criminality. In 2012, the numbers rose 60% to 1661. The Justice Ministry would amongst other measures like to start withdrawing child support from the parents.

Some context for those not used to Danish news conventions.
‘Descendants’ is a word only for the children and grandchildren of people of colour. The children and grandchildren of white immigrants are pretty much called ‘Danes’
However, the statistics don’t make the distinction between these groups so the phrase
‘Non-western’ is used. This has nothing to do with the…

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Danish giraffes – are they the unhappiest in world right now?

11 Feb


I have not written for quite some time now… But this week a piece of news was brought to my attention and I felt morally obliged to report it here, as opposed to unreliable websites, who seem to think that blocking the views of the public is quite alright… Yes Trip Advisor – I’m talking about you! More of that after the crux of the story here.

I do apologise in advance to those of you who are going to find this post offensive, sad or ‘not your bag’ – and expect me to write more of a fun update, after neglecting this blog site for quite a while.  I may try and begin to post more soon, depending on any significant changes/updates here.  But, for now…

Location: Copenhagen Zoo

Subject: Marius the innocent, healthy, young giraffe

MariusApparently, this poor giraffe was fed some “healthy” rye bread and then…

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Breaking news: Danish PM shovels snow

29 Jan

Dehumanisation in Danish Marketing

22 Jan

Yep, A&J is right.

Adventures and Japes

Denmark hides behind two national myths to excuse itself from poor behaviour.

1: We are a homogenous nation without a history of having to get along with others

2: We have a unique sense of humour which magically stops anything from being in poor taste

Denmark is now part of a global community and however homogenous they mistakenly imagine their history, they have to get along with others.

Even though this has been true for a long time, it has not stopped them from being outrageously idiotic on their promotional material. Come with me now through the Hall of Shame:-

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Let me know in comments what I forgot.

Now I have handled whythis shit is wrong before. I’m not going over it again.

I only bring it up because the Swedes complained about the masks…

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Moonshot 69 is Shot: Brewer of Silly Caffeinated Beer Aborts the Mission

15 Jan

It’s old, but what. a. fucking. douchebag. Something tells me these fucktoads are jerking themselves raw over the snotty fucks from Mikkeller, whose bar I’ve had the unfortunate experience of actually visiting.

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.  Rhonda Kallman, former Sam Adams executive and brewer of Moonshot 69, the gimmicky caffeinated beer featured in Beer Wars, is officially calling it quits.  She will be shutting down her “brewery” (her beers were contract brewed) this month, and will no longer be heaving her cleavage at bartenders in the Boston area to convince them that a beer containing caffeine is a good idea. 

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Stairway to Employment in Denmark. Part 2

13 Jan

Wow. If what the blogger says is accurate, and the job center rep Linda actually identified applicants and examples by their country or origin and religious background, she should be fired. At the very least, she should be instructed to be less racist in interviews. Fail.

Nordic Nomads

On my previous blog, “Stairway to Employment in Denmark. Part 1”, I shared the beginning of my battle to get the job in the country, which had taught me that though it is not an easy way for immigrants to find work due to lack of networking and reliability proof of their foreign capability and education in front of Danish society, there are many other ways to get through it which includes endurance in participation of career and volunteer related events to connect with key people in job industries.

And finally I was invited to my very first job interview in Denmark by a growing IT company in Copenhagen. It was the moment where I felt that all my 3 months efforts came to an enlightenment. It was perhaps because the company is quiet reputable in hiring international talents, which make Danish is not required for most positions, unless it…

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Pre-emptive information

5 Jan