Halal butchery banned in Denmark

19 Feb

Adventures and Japes

Oh and kosher, they’re not picking on the Muslims! (There are no kosher slaughterhouses in Denmark to the best of my knowledge and googling)

There were some news stories a few months back about halal meat being sold unlabelled in supermarkets and people got mad because consumers want all the information before they can make a choice.

Now halal slaughter is banned. The Danish state say it is an animal welfare decision. But animal welfare in Denmark is pretty shit. Animal welfare organisations complain regularly about how pigs are treated in Denmark. Mink farms are a disgrace. Zoophilia is legal. Not to mention their bloody zoos.

My friends in other countries prefer to discuss the philosophy of putting animal welfare above religious considerations. That’s fine.

But this decision is not about animal welfare. It is about getting at the Muslims. Sure, they can get their meat elsewhere/go vegetarian but what…

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