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Wheel Of Fortune

14 Nov

Amila raises strong points. I really had never considered the placement of asylums before and the reason for their locations, but this makes a lot of sense.


RESF: Activism at its finest

14 Nov

The nightmare is over?

14 Nov

This is the utter essence of the matter.

Adventures and Japes

Im the little Thai girl deported with her mother because her step father died of cancer last year has been allowed to come back.

Apparently the pictures of her literally wearing the Danish flag tugged at the heart strings of the legislators and they made a special law just for her after she flew back to Thailand. (I understand this special law will protect others in the same situation in the future)

So, she can get on another plane with her mother and come back from Thailand. All the stress, uncertainty and financial hardship the two have suffered so soon after the death of a close family member are to be forgiven and forgotten. Human rights can be granted at the 13th hour with no consequence for withholding them.

In one of the tabloids the headline is

The Danes Save Im

Which is terribly ironic considering who voted for this…

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About the Responsibility of Immigrants.

11 Nov

Copenhagen police: Making Police Academy look good

3 Nov

Unreal. To see the photos they can’t identify makes it clear what a farce criminal justice in the world’s least corrupt nation.