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12 Jul

Adventures and Japes

Taken from Politiken opinion piece (8th July 2013 by Inger Støjberg (V))

A little bit of context for all those unfamiliar with Denmark. Inger Støjberg is the Integration Minister for Venstre. Venstre is no longer in a ruling coalition, so she is an opposition minister. Her party is a centre-right group, if you were watching Borgen, Liberale, the party of the outgoing prime minister.

The far-right DF get a lot of the blame for anti-foreigner and islamophobic sentiment in Denmark. As you will see, they should not take all the blame for lumping groups together, sensationalising, conflating major human rights issues and minor cultural clashes and misunderstanding completely what “freedom of speech” means in a democracy.

I should be allowed to paint the prophet on my house walls

When I was a child in first grade, I drew both our Lord and Jesus.

That’s what happened in the Christianity lessons…

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