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17 Oct

Another golden one from A&J.

Adventures and Japes

I met a bunch of people socially a few weeks ago. It was some sort of foreigner meetup but we were all strangers so it was like a 10-way first date. More fun than that sounds. Anyway, the event planner knows me from this very organ and we had a chat about blogging. Then some of the guys said “You’re not going to *blog* this, are you?” and I was like “Well, no. Probably not. No. Not like you think.”

A lot of bloggers do a blow-by-blow or a retelling of things of interest. I am not above a bit of that. But, no, I’m not going to blog everything that happened. However. There was something interesting that happened and you need the context of “a bunch of international strangers, having a chat in Denmark.”

I started wittering on about my downstairs neighbour (who you may recall was a…

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16 Oct

Adventures and Japes

Twitter and Facebook have made outrage so much easier these days. In the past, someone would do something outrageous and maybe a few hundred people would write a stern letter to the editor or ring a switch board. Or someone would say something offensive in the pub and people would get offended and react appropriately (rage, nervous laughter, resolving never to speak to that person again, eyelid spasm).

Now, shit man, you only have to be a little bit out of step with what others think, get re-tweeted by an influential anti-simpatico and it’s GET THEM! Say you are feminist BUT you don’t see what all the fuss is about FeministIssue#5 and you are in for a treat. By treat, I mean, a few hours of being “shouted” at by people you don’t know.

Oh well, we’re all working out where all the new lines are. What an exciting time.


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16 Oct

Danes, keepin’ it klassay as always.

Never to Wait

67 years after the Holocaust, people who watched their children walk into gas chambers are still alive. People whose brothers and sisters were killed are still alive, and their children and grandchildren had to live with that pain.

And the Danish population on Facebook is laughing at a joke about how the Jews were killed in gas chambers. And I don’t “have a sense of humour”, because I’m not laughing with them. For those of you who don’t understand Danish, a Danish supermarket was selling cookies with the label “Jew Cookies – Baked in Gas Oven. Merry Christmas”.

I expect to see distasteful jokes. It’s Denmark, after all, the country known in the Middle East for its disrespectful Muhammed cartoon. I expect that not all people care about hurting other people. And I’m ok with that. I’m proud of Denmark for holding on so strongly to its principle of free…

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