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29 May

This will be tough to choose, but it’s your duty to vote!


Behind the Bitterness

4 May

It has to be said, I’m now a Bitter Foreigner, through and through. 

That said, this attitude didn’t come out of nowhere. Up until 3 days ago, I had no idea that the term microaggression existed, but now that I’ve discovered it, it goes a long way in explaining BFS., from an American living in Japan.

4 May

Stupid cunt and her even dumber supporters.

2 May

Heartless robots.

Adventures and Japes

Along with the deportation of small children for being “unable to integrate”, Denmark also deports disabled dependents of Danish citizens without giving a reason.

Here is a very dignified interview about one such matter. I do not know how the son can stay so calm in the face of such inhumanity.

English transcript (not completely perfect, am open to corrections)

I’m called Imran Bashict(sp?) and I’m from Pakistan. I have lived here the last 30 years.

-30 years?

Yes. And, my mother, my wife and three children. We all live here together, we don’t have family members that live in Pakistan.

(speaking over each other, didn’t catch it all)

She lived in Denmark nearly 2 years ago and we tried to get a residency permit from the Danish embassy in Islamabad and they said we could only get a residency permit from inside Denmark, so the Danish embassy only gave…

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2 May

Well, isn’t this nice of them?