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30 Apr

Verdens lykkligeste og bedste børne! And the best daycare in the history of the world, of course.

Adventures and Japes

Denmark, we’ve got a problem. Daycare in many countries has to compete with stay-at-home parents, nannies and childminders. In Denmark, childminders are the only real competition. With no serious competition, daycare has been allowed to race to the bottom. A researcher has studied what is going on and the Danish media has gone bananas. 

Taken from politiken: Expert “Break with ‘legalise hash and free milkshake’ pedagogy”

Many children in Danish nurseries go around like senseless “penguins” and the loss of adult contact is so pronounced that it damages the development of the children’s brains.

So says the PhD Ole Henrik Hansen from the Institute for Education and Pedagogy (DPU) at Aarhus University. He has video footage and a good 8000 observations spread over 26 children in nine nurseries in the greater Copenhagen area together with questionnaires from 40 000 daycare workers in the country-wide investigation on how it really is in…

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The Joy of Life

29 Apr

The Joy of Life

This photo series is pure perfection. I love the photographer’s wry comments on The World’s Happiest Country. 

Highly recommended!

27 Apr

More excellent commentary from a far less lazy blogger. Thank you!

Adventures and Japes

When I was a kid and first started reading newspapers, so this will have been in the nineties or so, they often referred to the “race” or background of the person in the story.

As crime stories are more interesting from a news perspective than stories of who is teaching physics at the local college or who just spent one evening every week for five years volunteering at the homeless hostel; most of the newspaper was about crime (and politics of course).

Funnily enough, they never referred to the background of the person in any story if they were a “default” human being. You know, just a dude, just one of us folks, a normal person. That is, if they were white British, what was the POINT of revealing that they were? Of course they were. That’s what people are.

The upshot was, that when ever I read a crime…

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A great article by a Dane who gets it!

25 Apr

The Expatriate Psychologist | International Community : Erhverv Aarhus.


Brilliant, especially the part about mocking their attempts at Danish.

23 Apr

And another reblogged.

Adventures and Japes

I’ve got a riddle for you. When is an international public relations disaster not a public relations disaster?

Give up? When it happens in Danish!

Denmark is not perfect. But the image projected far and wide of the country is glowing, as if it very well might be. All the green energy and social democracy and liberality! Imagine a functioning welfare state! Imagine a country where women are just as equal as men! What a wonderful country, I wish I lived there.

When the Danish state or a Danish company very publicly shit the bed, there are no international consequences. What happens in Denmark, stays in Denmark.

If you are stupid enough to write about what goes on in English, you will be labelled as bitter, hateful, negative, racist and sometimes even asked to leave. It is not enough for Dane-enthusiasts to disagree with you, they have to bring your…

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Too funny not to share!

20 Apr

20 Apr

Yup, another worthy one from another better written blog!

Adventures and Japes

Full disclosure: I have white privilege and so I have no idea what it is like not to have it. If I bugger this post up, PLEASE tell me, okay?

Note to speed readers: this post is not actually about Denmark (or Sweden even).

1) There is no continuum of racist-ness. All stereotyping is equally wrong.

I remember back when I was 16, our religious education teacher tried to tell us that “black people can’t be racist” in our society because to be racist requires power. We were unconvinced by this argument because a punch in the mouth is just as painful from someone in a marginalised group as someone from the privileged group (and for whatever the reason for getting it.)

Of course, everyone can be racist and everyone can suffer from it. But there is a major difference between someone making fun of the tea-drinking ways of Brits…

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