Danes: Stop saying ‘neger’ is not derived from ‘nigger’

25 Apr

This, Danes.

Adventures and Japes

Because it does not even matter that it is closer to ‘negro’. You have spectacularly missed the point.

This must be taught during samfundsfag in folkeskole considering how often it is brought up by well-meaning Danes.

If an English speaking person dares say anything about the distressing use of ‘neger’ in Danish polite society, a Dane will pop up to say “BUT REMEMBER, it only means ‘negro’, not ‘nigger’!”

Danes who do not want to consider themselves racist, Danes who like to think they’d invite a black person over for dinner, if only they knew any; are all over this if they see it.

Oh well, fine then! English speakers, stand down…

Except, the Dane shows no awareness that the word ‘negro’ is NOT OKAY in English anymore.

Let’s look at the history of the words ‘nigger’, ‘negro’ and ‘neger’ for a minute.

In the 1600, 1700s and 1800s Europeans kidnapped…

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Take that, ridiculous stereotyping

18 Apr

Adventures and Japes

I saw a newspaper with a front page all about how TEH MUSLIMZ WILL RUIN EVERYTHING. They didn’t put it on their website (for some reason), so I cannot link to it.

The things in particular that Muslims will ruin/are currently ruining :-

* Parties
* Drinking beer
* Having short sleeves

Funnily enough, Baptistkirken, Pinsekirken, Frelsens Hær and Metodistkirken have a similar/exactly the same shitlist but I don’t see the Danish news reporting on how Christians need to stop RUINING EVERYTHING.

Let’s all watch a video of some British Muslims having a dance while we take a moment to consider how stereotyping one quarter of the world’s population is always a fool’s errand.

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Racism/travel writing: an unpicking

11 Apr

Too good not to reblog.

Adventures and Japes

What is the difference between telling an adopted Asian kid at school that he can’t see through his eyes and talking about the cultural mores of a nation?

Some would say: nothing. They are both racist.

How about saying all Muslims are x or y or z?

Well, that’s not even ‘racist’ they say because Islam is a religion.

Let me just break something down here because some people still don’t get it.

Talking about the culture of a place, including what is acceptable, forbidden and usual. This is not racist. Possibly it is wrong, inaccurate or too generalised.
Think of how many Copenhagen blogs have posts about the Danes taking fitness and lattes seriously. Yeah, that’s not a thing everywhere.

Even when it’s critical, it’s still not the same as saying white people are the ones who should decide what the definition of racism is. It’s not the same…

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You get rude people everywhere

11 Apr

Adventures and Japes

True. You get rude people everywhere. People are dickheads, yo.

I have a question to open up to the group. I think collectively, my readership has probably travelled to and even lived in most countries in the world.

In any of those countries, is is socially acceptable to try to shove past a blind person or their assistance dog?

Because I saw two people trying to do that yesterday on the train. There were two blind people with an assistance dog. They were getting off the train at 21.30, the dog was going last and was waiting for the people to get down. See, the fucking DOG knew to give them some space and time to get down, what with the steps being tall and the gap to the platform being wide.

Honestly, they were not taking an obscene amount of time about it. Like, maybe an extra 5 seconds on how…

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Violence against women

5 Mar


Adventures and Japes

The European Agency for Fundamental Rights has run a survey about sexual violence in European countries.

Denmark is top of the poll with 52% of women surveyed experiencing physical or sexual violence from a partner or a non-partner since the age of 15. The average in the EU is 33%.

If you look at the reports in the UK press, where the UK’s stats are also higher than the average at 44%, it is a straight report of the press release. They report: there is a major problem with violence against women and true figures may be much higher because women may not have considered some of their experiences to have been assault.

The Danish press spin this line in another way. There is no way that backwards bloody European countries treat their women better than Denmark, they say. The women in Denmark are empowered to report, so the figures…

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Pia Kjærsgaard kaldt for luder. Trækker mand i retten.

22 Feb

Halal butchery banned in Denmark

19 Feb

Adventures and Japes

Oh and kosher, they’re not picking on the Muslims! (There are no kosher slaughterhouses in Denmark to the best of my knowledge and googling)

There were some news stories a few months back about halal meat being sold unlabelled in supermarkets and people got mad because consumers want all the information before they can make a choice.

Now halal slaughter is banned. The Danish state say it is an animal welfare decision. But animal welfare in Denmark is pretty shit. Animal welfare organisations complain regularly about how pigs are treated in Denmark. Mink farms are a disgrace. Zoophilia is legal. Not to mention their bloody zoos.

My friends in other countries prefer to discuss the philosophy of putting animal welfare above religious considerations. That’s fine.

But this decision is not about animal welfare. It is about getting at the Muslims. Sure, they can get their meat elsewhere/go vegetarian but what…

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